Proofpoint - Getting Started Resources

Proofpoint - Getting Started Resources

Provisioning New Accounts

To set up your new instance of Proofpoint, please use the Proofpoint App card in the App Center of your Syncro instance.

Migrating Existing Accounts

If you’d like to migrate your existing Proofpoint instance over to Syncro to take advantage of our aggressive pricing, please email us at

What’s Included In The Different SKUs?

Proofpoint SKU Breakdown

How Do I Add And Manage Internal Users?

Add/Manage Users Guide

How Do I Provision New Customers?

Customer Provisioning Guide

How do I Edit The Blocked And Safe Senders List?

Managing Safe/Blocked Senders List Guide

How Do I Release Quarantined Emails?

Quarantined Email Guide

How do I Improve Spam Detection?

Quarantine Digest Guide

Is There Documentation On Best Practices?

Best Practices Guide

Are There Any Video Resources?

Proofpoint YouTube Channel

Where Do I Get Further Support For Proofpoint?

Proofpoint provides direct support for all tiers of service.

Where Can I Find Pricing?

Pricing is displayed in the Proofpoint App Card located in the App Center of your Syncro instance.