Microsoft Teams Integration

The Microsoft Teams integration allows you to configure an incoming webhook and copy that URL into Syncro notification rules.

How to set up

1. Head to the App Center and select on the App Card for Microsoft Teams

2. Select the option to "Enable Microsoft Teams Integration" to configure Webhooks in the Notification Center:

3. Now you will see a column in the Notification Center where you can set up webhooks that will post to MS Teams.

4. Now you can head to MS Teams to create a webhook to post to a channel. Select the 'More Options > Connectors' button for that channel then select "Configure":

Give the webhook a name and select 'Create':

5. You can now take the generated webhook and copy it to your clipboard and paste it into the Syncro Notification Center:

6. Now you can choose any of the events you want to be notified for:

Once the selections have been made select "Update Notification Rule" to save.

7. Now when the event is triggered, the notification will show up in Microsoft Teams: