MailChimp Integration

Feed the chimp!

So MailChimp is a great email service, although we have Mailer - sometimes you just like the tools over at MailChimp - and that's understandable!

What it does:

  • Automatically adds your customers to a selected MailChimp "List"
  • Automatically opt them out of MailChimp emails if they click an opt-out link from emails we are sending
  • Updates customers in MailChimp when you add a customer or change their email within our software

What it doesn't do:

  • Doesn't sync customers from MailChimp to our app 
  • Doesn't create MailChimp "List" 

To get started:

Just head here to get your API key:

And you should be able to place that in the app center and select a list.


I have been getting the following message on the plugin: "ERROR: {"error":"MMERGE3 must be provided - Please enter a value","code":250}" what does that mean, and how can I fix it? 

PLEASE CHECK IF YOU HAVE ANY CUSTOM FIELDS IN YOUR LIST that are marked as "Required". If you have the default MailChimp settings, then you won't have to change anything. However, if you have added any custom fields to your list, you need to uncheck any "required" fields you have on your account. Otherwise, they will not post to MailChimp from your form. To complete this you need to login to your account (, go to "Lists" on the top. Go to "Settings" => "List Fields and Merge Tags". Uncheck any custom fields you have created (i.e., anything besides Email, First Name and Last Name). Click "Save" and then it's good.