Huntress Integration

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Huntress Account Key
Deploy Script



To get started, head to Admin > App Center and click on the Huntress app card.

The next screen will display a field asking for a Huntress Account Key

Huntress Account Key

To get your Huntress Account Key, login to Huntress, then in the upper right click the circle icon next to your email address, then Download Agent.


Clicking Download Agent will take you a page where you can view and copy your Huntress Account Key.

Next take the key back to the Huntress configuration card in Syncro, paste it in the field and click Update Deployment Script.


Huntress Deploy Script

Once the integration is activated, a new Script will become available in the Script Library to deploy Huntress to your Assets.

When the script is run on an Asset, it will install the Huntress agent on to the computer.