Effective Policy

An Effective Policy is a read-only version of the combined policies assigned to a selected folder or asset and all the policies assigned to its parent folders. There are two ways to see one.

  1. On the Assets & Policies tab in a Customer profile, click a folder or asset, then click the Show Effective Policy button. In the example below, the Effective Policy consists of the policy in the Servers folder, which is "Default - Server," and the policy in the Randy Cross folder, which is "Base Package."
  2. After clicking an asset on the Assets & RMM page, in the Overview section click View Effective Policy.

Clicking either of those will bring up a screen like this.

Clicking any of the categories in the left will show only those sections within it, still read-only because the sections might come from two or more policies. If you want to edit any of them you will need to edit a specific policy on the Policies page.