Domotz Integration

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What it Does

  • Connect your Syncro account with Domotz under Shared Alerts so your MSP business can start actioning network and device issues immediately.
  • Improve your MSP customer support processes by actioning critical issues and events faster and more efficiently.
  • Domotz will automatically create and update your Syncro tickets when a specific network or device event occurs.
  • Tickets are automatically updated by Domotz. For example, if a device goes down and then goes up, Domotz will automatically update the Syncro ticket.
  • In addition, with the Syncro integration, if a previous ticket is closed and a new event occurs with the same device, the new ticket will also reference the previous ticket.



Domotz wrote an awesome knowledge base article that we'd only be repeating.
Domotz Syncro Integration


What You Will Need

1. API Token - If you don't know what that is, check out this article.

- Needed permissions:

  • Customers – List/Search
  • Tickets – View Details
  • Tickets – Create
  • Tickets – Edit

2. Have your Syncro subdomain handy (the URL in your browser field).

- Should look like