Create Saved Searches

What it Does

This document will show you how to create a saved search
This document will give an overview of the options in saved searches

What it Doesn't Do

This document does not contain pre-made saved searches
This document does not explain all the uses for saved searches



The details in these instructions are generic.  The Customer Saved Search and the Asset Saved Search will be different.

1.  To create a saved search, click on the Eyeglass + button on the left of the screen or the Saved Search button on the right side of the screen (for this example, I am using the Assets module)

Search buttons

2.  Click "New" and Name your search 

3.  Select the criteria you would like to filter by.  Here are the options for the Asset Saved Search:

5.  Once you have selected all the criteria you want and defined your parameters, click Save

You can now use your saved searches to assist when you want to run functions to that group of Customers or Assets.



Customer Search fields are more narrow than Asset Searches

You can use as many criteria as you like to narrow your filtering to ensure you have just the results you want.

In the Asset Saved Search, you can Add Property Condition to include custom fields and other options not listed on the main screen. 

  • You will have multiple ways of adding custom fields in the Asset Search.  Since the below fields are legacy fields, you will not want to use them.  Instead, use the "Add Property Condition" when filtering by custom fields.  In contrast, these are the fields you will want to use for custom fields in Customer Searches:

        Asset checkboxes

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