Contact those with assets missing antivirus (AV)

One of Syncro's goals is to help you make more money. One way to do this use a Saved Search to see all assets without antivirus (AV), then contact those customers to tell them the benefits of adding an AV subscription—to protect them against threats in real-time without user intervention, allowing them to blissfully work away without interruption.

  1. Navigate to your Assets & RMM tab.
  2. On the right side, click Saved Search > Create New.
  3. Give it a Display Name, such as Missing AV. We will refer to it that way in this article.
  4. On the right side, check the Missing Antivirus box.
  5. Select or enter any other desired criteria.
  6. Click Save.

To see the results,

  1. While still on the Assets & RMM screen, on the left click the magnifying glass icon. This will open the Saved Asset Search list.
  2. You will see "Missing AV" in the list with the number of assets matching the search to its left.
  3. Click the Missing AV link to see a detailed list.
  4. You may also click the pencil to edit the search, or the red X to delete it.

Contact those without AV

Here is how you can contact users who do not have AV installed and sell them the benefits of adding an AV subscription.

  1. Navigate to your Mailer tab (it may be under the More menu).
  2. Give it a Mail Campaign Name, such as Customers missing AV.
  3. Click the RMM Asset Search dropdown > Missing AV.
  4. Fill in the Email Subject with something like, Your system is at risk for viruses.
  5. Fill in the Email Body with the benefits of subscribing to AV. Here is a sample:
    We scanned your system and noticed you are not subscribed to our antivirus (AV) program. Establishing comprehensive, iron-clad security is increasingly important in today’s world. You don’t want a security breach to wreak havoc on your IT systems, devices and data. The damage to your business, revenue and productivity is unfathomable. Subscribing to an AV program protects you against threats in real-time without interruption. Blissfully work away with the reassurance that AV is active behind-the-scenes identifying and staving off threats.
  6. Select any other desired criteria.
  7. When ready to send it, click Create Mailing.