Appointment Booking Module

We have an online appointment booking module! It works with or without your own website.

You can either link people to your Bookings page or use the website integration "embed code" to place the widget on your own website.

  1. Head to Admin > App Center.
  2. Click the Appointment Booking app card.
  3. Configure the following settings.
    1. You can copy this URL and put it on your website or perhaps in an email for people to book appointments directly on your Syncro site (see screenshot below).
    2. Use Business Hours & Holiday Schedule — Set to Yes by default, wherein it will use the settings on your Business Hours page. If you want appointment slots that are different than those, set it to No, which will cause First Available Appointment Time and Last Available Appointment Time fields to appear, along with checkboxes for Days to accept Appointments. Note that the customer facing appointment screen will look different than the screenshot below when this is set to No.
    3. Number of concurrent appointments — The maximum number of people you allow to book the same time slots.
    4. Appointment Length (in minutes) — The amount of time it will reserve when a customer books an appointment.
    5. First Available Slot (minutes from now) — The default is 120 minutes, which means when the customer goes to book an appointment, the earliest time they can reserve is two hours from "now"—the time they start the process.
    6. Minutes Between Appointments — Lets you set a buffer from when one appointment ends and the next begins.
    7. Auto-Convert Appointment Leads to Tickets when submitted — When enabled, this will not only book an appointment, but create a ticket for the customer.
    8. When finished, click Save.

Now your customers can book an appointment from your website or from the link to your Bookings page.

How are times blocked out?

The app simply checks to see if an appointment(s) starts at the selected time, so if you set the module to allow 2 concurrent appointments, and 2 people already have an appointment on the calendar at that time, it will show that slot as unavailable.

Right now "all day" blocking appointments just block the slot that matches the start time. So, if you wanted to block out a whole day, and you use 60 minute appointments, you could make an appointment for each hour to fill up all the "slots."

Calendars for specific staff

Let's say you have different people with different skills, and you need someone to book a slot with a specific person. We have a special link for that! In the upper right, have that tech click their name > Profile/Password.

Then copy the Personal Appointment Booking URL and share it.

This link will show a calendar that only allows a single concurrent appointment, so it's really a link for a specific personal calendar. It will still respect the business hours, and those are company wide.

Time Zones

Just a quick note on the time zone support. If someone is trying to book an appointment and they are in a different time zone, they will get a prompt that they can click to view the times in their local time zone.