Acronis Cyber Protect

Acronis Cyber Protect

What countries do you support?

We currently offer Acronis for Syncro partners located in the USA, UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

What Acronis services are currently offered by Syncro?

Syncro offers the full suite of Acronis Cyber Protect products. For a full breakdown of available SKUs, pricing, and pricing tiers, please visit the Acronis app card in the App Center of your Syncro instance.

For in-depth details on the various SKUs and their respective functionality, please refer to the Acronis Cyber Protect Feature Guide.

Who provides support for Acronis?

Acronis provides direct support for all issues. For more information on how to obtain support from Acronis, click HERE.

How do I access the new Acronis offering from Syncro?

A user can use the App Center in the Syncro platform and

Select the Acronis App widget.

The App Detail Card appears with specific pricing and package details.

Review the Privacy Statement and Terms & Conditions provided via the links to Acronis.

Select the checkbox to attest to the Privacy Statement and Terms & Conditions.

Once the checkbox is selected the email address for Sales at Syncro will be provided.

Contact sales at this address to begin the provisioning process.

Once your account has been provisioned by sales, you can begin to add customers and devices for Acronis protection.

Can I access Acronis product purchase and set-up another way?

Yes. You can contact Syncro Sales directly at to begin the process.

Can I migrate an existing Acronis account to Syncro for continuous management?

Yes. To perform a migration for an existing Acronis account, please contact our Sales team directly at

How do I set up a new customer?

Log In and access your Partner dashboard.

At the top right of the page, select the “+New” button.

Select “Customer” from the provided dropdown menu.

Enter the general information for the customer.

Define whether the customer is using a free trial period or going directly to a Production environment in the “Mode” dropdown. If trial mode is selected, the customer will receive a 30-day trial period, then be automatically switched to Production at the end of the trial.

Select “Managed by Service Provider,” which allows you to manage the customer instance. Only choose the “Self-service” option if you want your customer to manage their own account without you having the ability to manage it for them.

Enable MFA by selecting the “Two-Factor Authentication” toggle under the Security header.

Create an account administrator for the customer.


Login names are unique, so it’s a best practice to use your company name followed by the user’s first and last name as their login (e.g. syncro-bobsmith)


Use the partner’s Admin Company Email Address

First/Last Name

Use the Admin First/Last Name

Company contact




Define the roles for this administrator or “Company Contact”. The role determines which platform updates the administrator receives. You can select a single role type or multiple roles.


Select “Next” move to the next step, Selecting Services.

How do I select services for my Customer?

There are two service billing options available for a Customer under the Cyber Protect platform, either per workload or per gigabyte.

Per Workload

The “Per Workload” option will bill based on a license for each product, along with a discounted per GB cloud storage cost.

Per GB

The “Per Gigabyte” option will bill based on storage utilization exclusively, both for local and cloud storage. This model has no license fees.

Note: The “Protection” checkbox must be enabled to continue selecting services.

Choose the appropriate billing mode.

Select next to begin configuring services for your customer.

How do I configure the selected services for my Customer?

All available SKUs will be enabled by default. You can disable any given SKU on a custom-by-customer basis as necessary. The Standard Protection plan can include M365 and Google Workspace Protection. Alternatively, these can be disabled if not selected for the customer.

Cloud Resources:

Backup protection for Cloud Storage in the Acronis Cloud is enabled by default, and is required to backup data to the cloud.

Local Resources:

Local backup resources is enabled by default, and is required to backup data locally.

Complete the Customer creation by saving the entered details.
Successful Customer creation allows a partner to view them in their tenant.

How do I create a protection plan?

To create a new Protection plan for your customer, navigate to the selected customer and choose the “Manage Service” button.

Choose “Management” from the menu on the left of the screen.
Choose “Protection Plan”.
Choose “Create Plan”

You will need to disable the following three items from your protection plans. Failure to do this may cause potential conflicts with existing antivirus deployments:

  1. Antivirus & Antimalware Protection
  2. Vulnerability assessment
  3. Device control

Configure the protection plan using the following screen. This allows you to select back-up schedule parameters that will be included in this protection plan.

Press the Create button to create the plan.

How do I install the Acronis Agent?

To install the Acronis Agent after the Protection Plan is created, navigate to the the Devices> Add section seen below.

To perform a silent installation for Windows machines, perform the following actions:

Generate a token,

Be sure to record the token identifier as tokens are not visible after they are generated.

An install script is also available in the Syncro Script Library, and token generated above will be used as a script variable:

Syncro - Acronis Deployment

Note: Silent deployments are not available for Mac and Linux agents natively through Syncro.

For manual installs, select the applicable option (Server, Workstation, OS)

Manual installs will require you to log into your customer instance to register the deployment.


Monitoring Scripts

There are two scripts available in our Community Scripting Library for monitoring the general health of the Acronis installation:

Syncro - Acronis Backup Plan Health Monitoring

Syncro-Acronis Backup Job Health Monitoring

Acronis Cancellation Process

If you wish to cancel your Acronis instance please contact our support team at The Acronis billing cycle ends at 11:59PM UTC the last day of each month, so all cancellation requests must be submitted three business days prior to this time to avoid further charges.

To expedite the process, you can alternatively delete your customers, assets, and data from your Acronis instance manually.