Giving a user access to multiple customers, but not all customers

I don’t suppose anyone in Syncro has thought of a workaround for these types of situations? They seem to only becoming more common, and it really does seem like being able to assign multiple customer permissions to a User account would solve many of these cases.

The closest we’ve come up with while scratching our heads is to use a separate tool and also have those agents on the Corporate / group accounts to give them the access they need, but that obviously has us worried about any potential conflicts between Syncro and other tools. And also is a bit burdensome in having to have our staff maintain two separate toolsets for these situations.

It is a badly needed feature for technician access management. With the state of the employee churn / reset that is currently going on, it is not prudent to bring in a probationary technician and hand them the keys to the castle. Currently a new hire or temp contractor would have complete access to all accounts, there is no way to assign the new guy accounts on an as-needed basis. Can only add them as a user to one company. For consideration, ability to create an “Employee Group” with “SITE ACCESS” tick boxes to allow or dis-allow sites. A new hire or consultant should not be allowed to see listings of accounts they are not assigned. IMHO, its a big risk the new employee can scrape a list of all clients to take with him on his first day. Would have to be implemented in the mobile app as well.


Hi Andy:

Is there a preferred way to log feature requests? I would like to add another vote with those who would benefit from the ability to have more control over modeling a parent org with subsidiaries that are billed or otherwise managed separately.


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Yeah in the feature request forum. I think what you are talking about those is more of a sites and sub-customers type thing where this thread is mainly about per-record permissions for Syncro user accounts. In either event, the feature request forum is where all of that lives.

One more guy chiming in here with the same request. I’ve actually been asking for this for years and am still getting the same response. We have co-managed IT clients with IT departments each supporting multiple companies. We’ve also found that when we limit a technician using the Security Groups that they lose the ability to create scripts and run reports. While this isn’t a big deal for a helpdesk tech, for an IT department it’s a significant problem.


This is a deal breaker for us as we have co-managed sites with Parent / Child Company heirachys.

Liked the product as we are in trial currently bad sadly this means its a no go for us.

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We have just finished our trial with Syncro and this is a feature that almost every other RMM has as a standard, it’s a hard choice if we move forward with it.

Our company has been growing very fast over the last year, taking a lot more clients that have a parent company but many child companies that are billed separately. Some have very sensitive information so we need to be able to limit some of the techs to some customers and not others.

The all or one is just not good enough!


@Andy has there been any movement on this request? Still a major need of mine and apparently others as well.

No, I wouldn’t expect this one any time soon, unfortunately.

Well… I’m going to keep chiming in and voting on supporting this every time it comes up because it would be EXTREMELY valuable in several use cases.

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unfortunately there is no voting mechanism.

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Nothing but our posts and comments to @Andy asking Pretty Please for a needed core feature to be bumped up the list for consideration / development.

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The Product team regularly monitors our feature request board, as well as intake from many other sources including support.

They are aware of this request.

Count me as another person currently in the demo period of testing Syncro that’s disappointed this isn’t an option.

I think I may have found a workaround for this issue, but I need clarification as to if what I’m thinking is correct. When you have multiple sites under a customer, you can select Physical or Billing. Am I correct in thinking that by making the other company a Billing site under the same customer, will it be separated out in invoicing in Syncro? At least for us, this is the crux of our issue, keeping each company’s assets fiscally separated.

I’d reach out to support on this. I want to say yes but I am fairly sure a lot of the reporting won’t break things down by site, so that may wind up being just as problematic.

Adding a comment for support of both assigning techs to specific clients and to parent/child companies. I have a need for both.


I have the need for for a technician to only be able to work on two customers. They are not allowed in my other customers because of security clearance requirements. How can i give one tech access to two customers only? I think others may have already asked this question, but I have worked with other ticket systems and never had the single customer limitation. Has this feature finally been implemented and I am just not knowing how to do this?
Tom M

We just ran into our first customer where this may be a problem for us, so here I am throwing my support behind this request.

Im adding my 2 cents here as well…

Im actually shocked this is not already implemented. I have tried a few other similar solutions, and thought SyncroMSP was a better choice, but this put us as business owners at big risk bleeding customers to any part time tech or person leaving the company.

Some customers prefer specific techs as they have confidental information.

We are only a few people here,but i can only imagine bigger companies must have serious concerns regarding this.

I will definitely not allow ad-hoc techs access to SyncroMSP. So number of licenses i will consume will be limited until this is fixed and implemented!

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