Zultys/ZAC Removal With Powershell

Hi Users,
I am having trouble removing an application that doesn’t have an uninstall.exe. I’ve tried to remove the folder and reinstall the app but keep getting errors that are permission based. I do know this will leave behind files in another directory, but this would not interfere with what is being planned. Does anyone know of another way to remove and application completely without a uninstall.exe?

Did you check the registry for the uninstall string?

Also according to their documentation, all you need is the actual installer, and you can call the uninstall from that.

Revo Uninstaller can help with these situations. The Windows installer cleanup utility is also helpful sometimes: Download Windows Installer CleanUp Utility - MajorGeeks

Odd. The only thing that worked for me was Uninstall-Package -Name ZAC. That does work though so I’m not too stressed about that. The other issue I’m starting to have after I get the old version deleted is deploying the new version without and pop-up prompts for the users. All of the prompts are verifications asking where to place the file and such. Is there any sort of parameters to completely bypass this silently?

It’s in my screenshot already, with the -install. Here is a link to their documentation. I dunno what version you have of course, but I would imagine if this doesn’t work, reaching out to them or looking up their documentation would be your best bet. If you have an msi file instead of an exe, generally all accept the default commands to silently install them.

ZAC 8.2

Unfortunately, nothing worked. I’m not sure exactly why it is not grabbing the argument for - Install/- Uninstall. For whatever reason it does not like it. I took a screenshot and attached it so you could view it.

Use PowerShell, do this, it works, just tested it. Obviously use your path.

Start-Process "E:\ZAC_x64-8.2.25.exe" -ArgumentList "/S /v/qn" -Wait -NoNewWindow

Yes. That worked perfectly. Thank you so much! What does -Wait -NoNewWindow* exactly do?

-wait tells powershell to wait until that process is finished before it moves onto the next line of code in the script. So for example if you wanted to write a lil bit of code in the script to check to see if the software successfully installed after running the start-process command, you’d need the -wait in there so that it didn’t immediately call the install, but then run the checks, because the checks would fail since it didn’t finish installing.

-nonewwindow stops PowerShell from popping up another Window to run the process.

Understood. Thank you so much again!