Xero sync invoices - stopped since 12th/13th April

I think since the databases were rolled back as a result of the baulked software update - none of our Xero integration features have worked. I don’t typically check these things however my account went to run the April accounts to find no invoices etc.

Just now I re-authorised Syncro and Xero together.

I can see in Syncro the invoices that need to be sync’d. I see there is no bulk ‘re-sync to Xero’ feature and I am hoping that we do not need to access every invoice individually and re-sync each? Will Syncro catch up automatically?

However it does raise the questions of quality control - this software update, was there a detailed risk assesment of what could go wrong and if it went wrong (which it did) the fall out and consequences. It feels very slapdash considering you gave me a TXT file for us to manually re-enter all the data for a whole day - we had a nightmare day and all we got for it is ‘we have to clean up after your errors’ which is not very good relationship building. Perhaps Syncro will publish what went wrong and how Syncro prepared for that eventually?

I’ve just found about 125 invoices, many very complicated, thats a couple of days work for the accountant to manually untangle - I’m hoping Syncro have an automated solution?

Here we are on another weekend losing family time…

I don’t understand why Syncro could not have emailed everyone to warn them about the Syncro integration needing re connecting - how many other land mines are we going to find in the coming months as fallout from this Syncro problem that affects us all negatively sinking time and resources to keep their problem affecting our clients?

I, and I think most of us on this forum, agree with the frustration on communication re the rollback.

I can tell you that on our Syncro instance, we were not required to re-authorise Xero to get the integration to work after the rollback though. Invoices / payments / contacts continued syncing as expected. From lurking in these forums though, it seems that re-auth is a fairly common solution when Xero sync gets upset.