Xero products & VAT

Anybody in UK or Europe using Xero integration. I have managed to pull all products from Xero to Syncro but pricing are a mess. Xero stores the pricing of products and services Excluding VAT. When they were imported into Syncro, the prices were taken by Syncro as including VAT. Anybody dealt with this.

Hi @jason9 - Depending on the age of your account you would need to go through the following steps to migrate to the new version: UK Migrate to VAT Tool

If you have already update or your account was made post May it should be the updated version and you would need to raise a ticket with support.

The problem is that I am in Malta. Apparently this UK Migrate to VAT Tool is available ONLY for UK customers. This will suite me as we follow a very similar, almost identical VAT system as in UK. I have created a ticket but very little help received so far. But case is still opened. If you can help in any way, please, I really appreciate as this is holding me back from using estimates and invoicing. Thank you.