XERO not synching after April rollback nightmare - invoices in Xero and not in Syncro

After the rollback we have invoices in Xero and not in Syncro.
How do we add them back without creating duplicates? What does Xero do with duplicate invoice numbers? Should we move the invoice numbering forward through invoice admin in Syncro? re-enter the invoices and then remove the old ones in Xero?
Sadly, the synch between Xero and Syncro has stopped since the rollback.
Please provide a step by step resolution to this ASAP

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We have found that tickets that were invoiced yesterday after the outage have now come back as not invoiced. This is a problem as they have been synced to Xero and sent to the client, so we can’t re-invoice the client. Also, some of the invoices may have included time that was deducted from their Prepay hours - will the time that was taken out of their prepay hours yesterday have been put back?
What is going to happen when I send the next invoice to Xero in regards to the invoice numbering as per the comment by neil.hancock?

Also, some of the tickets invoiced are just for prepay hours - those tickets have come back as not invoiced even though they were processed yesterday after the outage. Has that time that was taken out when I invoiced the tickets been put back in their prepay hours? I have already re-invoiced some today that I had done yesterday so I need to know what has happened to the hours from yesterday.

Also, our techs have found that time logs are missing from before the outage too.

There is also the problem with the stock that was invoiced out and is now back in stock due to the rollback - this is going to cause major issues!!

Hi Darren, Neil, these are cases we will definitely want to work with you one on one as there are multiple points in your system to address. As there will be some back and forth it’ll be best tracked through a ticket. Go ahead and contact us at help@syncromsp.com and we’ll get started on this.

We had to re-authenticate with Xero to get Synching to work again.
We have moved the start invoice numbers ahead to prevent duplicates and changed newly created recurring invoices to start at a higher number.
Voided the duplicate invoices in Xero.
Re- entered missing invoices to Syncro.
All is working now :slight_smile:

Syncro, a restore without considering accounting systems is almost unforgivable. NEVER do this again.

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