Xero not autosyncing

Hi team

Quick question, is the xero integration for bulk invoices screwed for anyone else?

End of month sync does synx a few invoices and then stops. It says its going to sync at a later batch. That never seems ro happen and we have been doing this manually every month since.

Last time, earlier this year, we asked support about this and they said its an issue with Xero.

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I occasionally see one or two invoices not synced, though this month had more than normal. I went in and re-synced to resolve.

my admin girls complain about this every single month, they have lodged several tickets for it but there is not a fix as yet from what I’m told. Don’t quote me as I’m a tech and don’t do anything with Xero, but it’s a constant issue and complaint from us as well…

There has been known issues with the Xero sync for at least two year now with no known resolution that I’ve heard of. Every month we have to manually sync our end of month invoices. The only answer you will get is it is a Xero API issue, which I find very hard to believe a solution can’t be found.

It’s really strange.

I know I’m now just venting frustration:
From talking to other platform providers, it sounds like they don’t suffer that same issue.

Syncro has a lot of good things going for it and most of the stuff works alright.
I really wish the Automation part of the PSA acronym would be taken more seriously.

Unfortunately this IS a Xero API limit issue ( Xero API rate limits · Concurrent Limit: 5 calls in progress at one time · Minute Limit: 60 calls per minute · Daily Limit: 5000 calls per day )

Our monthly batch is around 100 invoices, and EVERY month we have a good 90% of our automated invoices that fail to sync.
I suspect Synco’s invoicing/Xero module is fairly unsophisticated and attempts to dump all invoices in a single batch which would immediately exceed the API limit, but clearly there’s to re-try or queuing happening.