Xero monthly reoccurring invoices are not syncing to xero

Xero monthly reoccurring invoices are not syncing to xero

I have to through everyone to sync it to xero

It does not auto resolve

same here, happens EVERY month…

one day something will be done to fix it reliably and then I won’t have to end up paying someone to do it :frowning:

Leah (SyncroMSP)

Feb 21, 2022, 8:26 AM PST

Hey Phil,

I’m on it! I’ll have the invoices synced within the hour, and let you know when it’s completed.

Thank you again for your patience on this, I’m hoping the dev team can get to the bottom of this quickly, but until then I am more than happy to help.


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We strike this issue EVERY month with all our recurring invoices (around 70-80 on the 1st of month) - I suspect it’s an issue of hitting the Xero API rate limit.
It’d be fine if Syncro throttled API calls, but it seems currently that our entire batch is thrown at Xero in one hit, too bad if it fails part-way. We end up having to manually re-sync everything.

Please leep asking Support to do it for you, it might prompt them to fix it

We are thinking of using Xero but is this still an issue the recurring invoices not syncing to Xero? Please advise.

It seems it might be an issue when you sync more than 30 invoices, the first 30 work then the rest fail, then I contact support and they do it for me what do you think? @Andy

This should be handled through support (in terms of reporting the issue and working toward a resolution).

Hi Andy- still happening every month. I usually end up syncing them manually myself rather than waiting for support but this is laborious & time consuming… I have logged this again this month & suggested that if a fix to resync automatically if it fails is not imminent would it be possible to have a bulk action to select invoices to resync rather than having to do each individually…