Wrong number for webroot

When I run the " Managed Anti-Virus License Usage Report" I get 13 computers with webroot installed but when I scroll through all the records, I do not have any computers with webroot checked. Anyone else seeing thing?Snip - Reports Abuzz Technologies - Tech Support - Google Chrome (2)

This is a pretty common question, so I’m happy to address it here.

Webroot sends over the license count to and this is what we use to bill instead of us counting how many Syncro devices have Webroot installed. This allows us to simplify billing by including Webroot installations outside of Syncro in your monthly Syncro payment. So, one cause could be that there are licenses used in your WebrootAnywhere portal, but not directly in Syncro.

Another cause can be that the licenses aren’t prorated. If the licenses were removed this billing period, they will still show up on this report until the next billing period.

I recommend following these steps:

  1. Check your WebrootAnywhere portal for licenses that are still active and deactivate them if they are not in use.
  2. Wait until next the billing period to see if the number adjusts to the expected amount.
  3. If the license count is still wrong, Webroot asks that they be reached directly since they are the source of the count. Webroot support can be reached at this number: 1-866-254-8400