Wrong mapping on client


I have a weird one. I got all my recurring invoices setup and all that. checked that the data synchronized to QBO and went on to the next one. I have one client that I did all that with last week and now when I ran invoices for last month, it linked to their home account and I cannot remap it over to the business account.

Says its linked to their home but when you click on remap button, it says the business name.

I don’t know what else to do

Are there any similarities between the two accounts in QBO? Can’t exactly remember what support told me, but it uses a few different fields to try and map such as the first and last name, company name, phone number.

Names but I delete the user in QBO. I know they aren’t really deleted in QBO. What’s weird is that it mapped correctly the first time. Then now it went to their home address but when you click on Remap, it shows the company name but I can’t change anything.

got it figured out. I wiped out all the stuff and it finally mapped over

thanks for the info