WorldPay connection down

A couple weeks ago… someone posted about WorldPay and I commented that I had not issues… I should have kept my mouth shut. All of our first of the month payments failed because of some WP credential issues. My wife has spent now 5 hours trying to get this resolved. We 3 ticket numbers and no resolution.

Sucks that they are the ones we are stuck with.
Also sucks that the sales guy I talked with before for a Credit card machine issue that is still not resolved after 4 weeks has gone MIA.

I need help if anyone has any idea of how I can get support. I called the Syncro support line and I’m told the issues are on their end and they have no WP contact. Now I’m stuck and can not take credit card payments or collect on my invoices.

Hello John,

I’m so sorry to hear that you’re having all these WorldPay issues. I will reach out to WorldPay on your behalf. I will also follow up with you in an email.