Worldpay CheckCommerce ACH Contact Help

Does anyone have a reliable contact or rep at Worldpay? We are trying to add their ACH CheckCommerce integration, and have submitted our application with no response, called our rep multiple times with no response, and called CheckCommerce multiple times with no answer or way to leave a message. Are they still in business? Thanks!

Hi Joel, I can reach out to our rep- how long have you been waiting? I have seen that sometimes it does take Worldpay some time to respond to requests, even our own.

Thanks Alexandra,
We are probably sitting at a little over 2 weeks now since we sent the application in.

Appreciate the help!

Hey Alexandra,
Did you have any updates from Worldpay on this?


Hey Alexandra or anyone else! - Still looking for some valid and reliable contact info for Worldpay CheckCommerce.


Welcome back! I had sent a PM but it looks like your account went anonymous and I couldn’t access your email to submit a request for you. You’ll have an email from me shortly and we’ll track your request that way.