Windows updates and policy inheritance

I’m sure this has been asked before, but I’m not seeing the answer. Will unchecking a particular Windows update policy inside a Syncro policy block that Windows update policy? Will having Windows updates included in a Syncro policy but not assigning an update policy block all updates?

I’m interested in blocking all automatic Windows updates for some servers. I don’t need to block any specific updates and I don’t mind if it’s possible to manually run updates, but I don’t want updates running automatically when I am not available to make sure that the apps come back up alright.

Thanks for the help!

Syncro doesn’t “block” anything, they have essentially an allow and ignore. By selecting a category, you are allowing, by not selecting, you are ignoring. This does not prevent the user from installing updates, nor does it prevent MS from doing w/e they feel like. I would double check the systems to make sure automatic updates are off. If you do not have an update policy enabled, then Syncro wouldn’t change any settings. Having one enabled, even a blank policy, should at least disable automatic updates. If you need to babysit the reboots, you can always patch but not reboot.

Windows Patching is additive only, so you can’t “override” a patch policy per se.