Windows update force reboot never actually reboots

I have recently noticed the Syncro windows update policy, even when it’s set to force a reboot if required.
The computer’s uptime is for months.

Does anyone have the same experience?

We’re getting the same issue. Im currently adding in a reboot script to run a few hours after the updates run.

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After the new Windows Update system was released, we were having problems with it not working correctly. It took me a while, but I ended up finding that our WU policies had an issue (the Reboot Message field was blank as it wasn’t required before and now it is). Once I fixed that and saved the WU policies and the main policy it was attached to, everything started working again. I passed this on to support.

You might want to check that as a possible source of your problem. Sometime just saving the WU policy and the main policy is enough to kick it in to working again.

How do you find the Main WU policy? I have searched gpedit.msc and Default Domain Policies in Domain GPO. I cannot find anything configured. However, when I look at Windows Update on a client PC, it shows that Automatic Updates are Disabled, and Microsoft Updates are not being allowed. The switch to enable it, is grey (default set to off) and I cannot toggle it on or off.

At this point I do not have any Microsoft Updates being deployed and I have clients complaining about Office freezing.

I don’t think Syncro has ever mentioned how they are managing the updates, other than it doesn’t use the native WU system (which is why the ‘installed update’ list in Windows doesn’t list the updates when managed by Syncro).

One thing to note is that when Syncro is managing the updates, it only installs updates for Windows itself and not other Microsoft software (it disregards the “receive updates for other Microsoft products when you update Windows”. There’s another thread on the forum that talks about this.

I have the same issue

Progrmmed a policy that install update then force reboot with a message

The Update work but just never reboot, it has a message in the RMM that says reboot pending tho