Windows Patching Not Installing

We have been struggling to get patching working since the new policies were rolled out. We have a schedule applied to a policy, but the assets don’t show any record of even attempting to install patches. I’m wondering if anyone has a working schedule that they can share.

We are trying to apply patches the third weekend of the month. So we created three update policies - 3rd friday, 3rd saturday, and 3rd sunday at 11PM. They all look like this:

Then we apply all three update policies to a policy and assign it to the asset folder. There are no parent policies or nesting.

I’m curious if anyone has any thoughts?


The policy looks correct to me.

My recommendation would be to set your policy to install them on a specific day of the month instead of the 3rd Friday. Test that and see if that gets them all installed. It could be a bug in the scheduling part of the policy.

Set it to install this Friday on the 28th and see if they install.

Thanks Mike! I’ll give that a try and see if it helps


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Side note windows update interface will show the last time the GUI was used to check for updates or install updates, not the last time the windows APIs were used. This is a windows thing I don’t believe any RMMs have a way around.

Windows installed patches should be correct though.

A project on my to-do list is to build a PsWindowsUpdate monitor script to check for and alert if patching is behind.

Thanks Jordan that’s definitely annoying. I was checking the syncro update where it shows the history.

Interestingly enough, the update ran on the 26th, but only installed a minor windows defender update and skipped the more important cumulative updates.

Has anyone noticed that perhaps it only installs one update per each scheduled run of the update policy?


No, this is not the case. It installs everything in 1 shot. Sounds like you may have something misconfigured.