Windows Patching appears to be failing

Well was working this morning…

Now for past hour if I try to manually install patches, it doesn’t show up under scripts running at all, and on the patch page it will say installing until I do a refresh it is back to “install” on that page.

No sign anything got installed at all on client. Not listed under failed patches. Not listed under recently installed. Just remains in missing patches.

So … known issue suddenly?

Well now all the machines I tried this earlier are showing installing in the script queue. It wasn’t listed as pending or anything, so I guess it was queued somewhere invisible.

I noticed an asset force sync didn’t work either during this time.

And now the force sync is in pending state behind the patches so I guess all scripts were just not running for an hour or so today. Whatever, seems to be OK now.

Happening again. Syncro status is 100% operational, no issues for 18 days, yet there clearly are issues. No scripts are running apparently.

Also having issues here, since the new Patch Management rollout. Nothing is happening on the schedule which was humming along fine through May before we got the update.

Update: was able to resolve the issue without Syncro support. We had a globally-applied policy with no schedule applied that was intended only to disable automatic updates. This was preventing the real patch schedules/policies from running for some reason.

Of course, oddly right after I fixed this and right after I submit a ticket to Syncro support after struggling with this for weeks, I got a notification pop-up about a conflicting patch policy. Helpful. Anyway, working before the update to patch management, not working after, but issue with my policy apparently.