Windows 11 Feature Update Script to 22H2

Does anyone have a Script to update Windows 11 from 21H2 to 22H2?

Basically the same as Windows 10 using the update assistant it will update to the newest available. Upgrading to specific versions is only possible with ISO installation.

$workingdir = "$env:temp"
$url = ""
$file = "$($workingdir)\Win11Upgrade.exe"

If (!(Test-Path $workingdir)) {
    New-Item -ItemType Directory -Force -Path $workingdir

Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $url -OutFile $file
Start-Process -FilePath $file -ArgumentList "/Install /QuietInstall /SkipEULA /copylogs $workingdir"

Thank you. I will give it a try.

Much appreciated!

Win 11 will auto update to 22H2
what could go wrong…

Windows 11 will start FORCING version 21H2 users to 22H2, here’s everything new coming to your PC | Windows Central

Not much, just reset file association on every single file extension.

and broken PCs.
I had 6 to repair after the December Win 11 update.