Windows 10 pro for workstations upgrade script

We have a few engineer Clients who have high end workstations with Windows 10 pro for workstations.
I was wondering if anyone had a script to upgrade to the latest build.
the one in the Syncro library fails every time.

Just feature updates? Did you try installing them from the Windows Patches tab?

I dont see that feature update in the updates tab on the workstations

Syncro doesn’t handle build updates, you’ll need to script them:
Monitor - Windows Update - will monitor the build age to the limit you set and trigger an alert, you can auto remediate that alert by running this (or just run it manually):
Task - Upgrade Windows 10 -
You’ll likely want to schedule the monitor after hours or restricted the auto remediation to non business hours with a condition. Build updates trigger a non-optional reboot.

I have used this option which works on Windows 10 pro.
the issue I’m having here is upgrading to the latest build on machines with Windows 10 Pro for workstations.

Never run across that license type, but I don’t know why it would be any different, should work fine. What happens if you run the update assistant on one manually?

its a special version of windows 10 used for Engineers
its essentially windows 10 that can run on server grade hardware for hardware demanding applications.
If i run the tool on the PC it will fail as well. the only way i got it to work manually was to download the ISO , mount it and run the install from there. but that can be tedious and intrusive to the users.

That sucks. I know there’s ISO scripts out there, you’ll just have to do that I guess.

Just zip up the ISO’s files and deploy it via script until you find a better way. That’s the way some of the Win7 → Win10 upgrade scripts were.