Why is customer main contact getting CCd in all tickets?

The main customer contact, let’s call her Jane, is being CC’d on every ticket created by staff. For some reason I thought this is what they wanted originally, but she asked me why she’s being CC’d. I can’t find that setting. From the kb it appears that if staff has a “Direct Report” set under their Contact record then that person will get a CC of tickets, but no staff have the “Direct Report” set, they’re all blank. Where else do I turn off the CCing of the main contact?

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Check to see if the main contact email is the same as the Customer/Account email. There is also a check box there to receive billing, marketing and report emails.

It is the same. I see the billing, marketing, and report emails, but none of those imply “tickets” to me? So which of the settings is creating a CC to Jane?

Hey Peter! If you’d like to send in a ticket to help@syncromsp.com and let us know which company/contact this is we can take a look.

The email listed on the customer overview gets CCed on everything. remove the email there.