Who Uses Quickbooks Desktop Integration

I’d love to get some feedback from users currently using quickbooks desktop integration. My tenative plan is to setup the integration and sync the invoices to quickbooks and actually invoices from quickbooks. I don’t want my customers getting the invoices directly from syncro. Can I prevent invoices from being sent to customers in syncro, but still get the invoices created so I can sync them over to quickbooks desktop and send from there. I’m hoping to do this mostly for things that are getting billed in pax 8 or anything else that is recurring subscription model. Ticket time and hours will get a separate invoice.

there is an option to disable sending invoices out. We tried doing what you want to do and it is way easier to just do everything from syncro. Send invoices, apply payments and just use QB for general accounting and payroll.

You will have to enable payments etc to make sure everything works properly
Make sure your client balances in syncro and QB are correct before applying payments!!
one crazy thing that syncro does not do at this time is handling Credit memos if the invoice has not yet been paid since syncro does not accept negative amount invoices and there is no credit memo type document!
I have asked for months but … nothing yet. CM are just a negative invoice - the implementation is quite simple since syncro alreday has a way of converting tickets to invoices. QB has a CM type doc just as it has an invoice type doc. If you download the QODBC tool, you will see that all the fields etc are there.

I have agreements with clients that I can draft out balance due on billing day. They provide me ACH info and it’s saved in Intuit Merchant account. Would this be possible with Syncro integration or how it I make it so they can pay automatically with ACH?

Syncro has a CC processor but unfortunately, not the Intuit one. I would hope that Syncro mgt will see the light and implement an Intuit plug-in so that it will work seemlessly with QB desktop/online

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