Who is the ACH provider/third party vendor?

Check Commerce is the correct provider via WorldPay. Once you get a letter from Check Commerce stating your account is ready, we can get that integrated for you so you can start using ACH to accept payments. See ACH Billing for details.

Frank, who do we contact at Worldpay to get this set up?

Hey @mike,

There are two options:

If you don’t have a WorldPay account, you can use this form to sign up. During the setup process, let the WorldPay rep know you’d like ACH enabled on your account.

You can submit a ticket with the Syncro support team if you already have a WorldPay account. We’ll reach out to WorldPay and help get that process started.

The documentation referencing Element Express is no longer valid?

Or will Check Commerce have identical copy and paste bits once the account is fully activated?

The documentation will still work. The name is different but all the bits are the same. I’ll see what we can do about updating the documentation to avoid confusion in the future.