Which Device would you recommend for on the go RMM and PSA management

My technicians are always on the go and on the field and need to access and manage the RMM and PSA from outside the office. They also need to be able to use splash top for remoting into the clients networks.

Which Device with a pretty long battery life would you recommend. Does it have to be a Windows based laptop or tablet or can we use an Android table or iPad?


hi. it doesn’t have to be Windows based fyi. On Android i installed Splashtop for RMM from the PlayStore. I can remote into a device as long as i launch from Syncro inside of a browser. Won’t work with the Syncro Android App (yet). Actually i only have the Syncro App installed to receive push notifications. I do everything in my browser.

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Gives me much clarity. Just wondering which has a better syncro app, iOS or Android?

It’s the same app, no difference, but as was mentioned, just use the browser. You won’t be satisfied trying to use just the app.


Right now Windows Surface Pro is what I am utilizing, mostly cause the Android app is still not finished in my view. It lacks a lot of functionality especially not supporting splashtop natively yet.
I am hoping that comes rather soon, and would love to see some sort of mileage logging function also added for techs.

But soon as they flesh out the android app I plan on testing it to see how it does on a mid tier tablet to see if its worth it for techs. A Surface Pro 8 with i5 is $1000 and a high end Android tablet is $600-$800 so unless it works well with sub $400 tablets the Surface Pro offers much more use. If a $250 lenovo tablet or samsung works well that would be amazing. Having managed 1000’s of iOS devices with enterprise apps I won’t be going the iOS route as the forced iOS upgrades have cause me so many nightmares and with the max 90 day delay when using an mdm for updates I don’t like hoping developers update apps to work with new versions of iOS before I stuck with new versions. If apple would stop unsigning the previous version of iOS for at least a year I would be more comfortable using iOS again for business critical usage.

The android app really will be of most use for mobile phone if they can get it built out right. Making it so you don’t need to pull out a tablet or computer to do things quickly. And as for Techs if they have a plugin or quick way of it also doing mileage tracking every tech would be using every day.

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Also worth noting that Chromebooks will work if they support the Play Store (which any modern one will). You get the benifit of a full blown desktop browser and it will launch the Splashtop for RMM Android app from the browser. Biggest issue I have with that is connectivity away from wireless, but a hotspot on a smartphone will work in a pinch.

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I just ordered a Galaxy Tab S7 FE and keyboard to try out.

I’m going to try to embrace tracking break/fix time using Syncro after Freshbooks screwed the pooch with their new and improved release. I’m hybrid monthly recurring per device with labor on top. I really need to take the bigger clients to AYCE, one step at a time I guess.

Hope to hear more on this thread.

Works great on a Samsung zFold3. As mentioned, just use the web version (you can pin it as an “app” to your home screen and it’ll open in full screen mode). Pair a folding keyboard and you’re good to go for many situations!

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