Where do I go to edit the custom agent contact form

  1. I want to edit the form with my own logo that appears when you right click on agent.

  2. Is there a way to add a command to sync the agent/refresh the agent if it has not synced from the asset?


https://syncromsp.com/custom-branding/ and https://help.syncromsp.com/hc/en-us/articles/1260807679009-Add-a-logo-to-my-Syncro-account. It should pull from your account logo.

There are some scripts that supposedly resync, but nothing official. I know a popular script changes the system time ahead to trick it to sync. There’s a 15 minute, 2 hour, and 6 hour sync, it should take care of it one of those intervals.

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It should pull the logo from Admin > Account Profile if you have the account logo enabled, or you can choose to host the image from a URL. If you use the one from the profile, it’s best to have it 200px or under and in PNG format.

It will upload it to the Agent once it goes through a sync, so anywhere between immediately and 15mins. There isn’t a force sync option but perhaps one day. I would caution against adjusting the system clock as any other processes that depend on it might be affected in a negative way.