Where can I get an agent install link now?

Now that the new policy inhertance is live, I cannot get a link to install an agent from a policy. I had a generic agent policy setup and it’s still there, but no way to get a link to send to someone to download.

I figured it out on my own…

I went to the client in need of the agent, clicked on Assets and Policies, created a new folder called Non MSP Agent, then assigned the policy mentioned above to that folder. I could then get the link by adding a comment to the ticket.

I still think there should be a way to get an installer link without having to open a ticket.

Answered on FB, but posting here as well. Open the customer, go to New > RMM Agent Installer. The installer is no longer tied to a customer/policy, it is tied to a customer/policy folder, so you can’t generate an installer from just a policy anymore because that relationship no longer exist.

Besides what Jimmie wrote above, you can also use the “New Menu” (+ icon in the header) to select a new asset, then select the customer and policy folder to deploy it to.

Lol, that button is right next to the search and blends in so I didn’t even correlate that to being a “new” button. Maybe it should be bigger and use the Syncro color so that it stands out.

Eh, click it once and you’ll use it forever :). It’s my favorite button in the whole app.

Using the + still only let’s me choose whatever is associated with a particular company. The old Policy was not associated with a company since it was just a generic policy to install a generic agent.

I can go to the old Policy tab in the dashboard and still see the generic policy there, just can’t do anything with it from that page.

Every asset must be directly linked to a customer. That part hasn’t changed from how it worked prior. Agent Installers cannot live without being associated to a specific customer.