Where are the release notes for Mac Agent v.1.2.429?

I’ve looked at https://syncromsp.com/release-notes/, but that’s pretty unhelpful. It’s great that there are definitely a lot of words there, but nothing that directly address the difference(s) between Mac Agent v.1.2.429 and Mac Agent v.1.4.426 ( or Mac Agent v.1.1.426 and Mac Agent v.1.0.409).

The page https://syncromsp.com/release-notes/ seems to more of a narrative, but where can we find something like what simple help has for their release notes Release News - Remote Support Software by SimpleHelp?


Hi Peet, I love the idea of putting the version numbers in and making it more readable. I will relay this to the right channels. The release notes will be a little delayed this month but you should see them come through soon.