When viewing customer assets change the page title

Request: When viewing customer assets, instead of the page title being “Assets”, have it named the customer name.

So if you have multiple tabs open in your browser, with all the asset windows open, you can quickly identify which is where, instead of clicking them all independently or trying to memorize it.


Better yet, let’s expand the Assets and Policies tab under the customer so we can see and edit all the assets, not just the policies folders. Make those computer names clickable, or add another button next to it so we can get to the asset.

That would essentially eliminate the need to go to the assets section under the company and click View All.

You can click on an asset from the Assets & Policies and then a View Asset button appears at the top which takes you to the asset.

Ah, indeed it does. Learn something new every day.

Same thing on an individual ticket page. Would be great to have some information that would actually be useful. My company name is not relevant

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Policies and Script edit pages need this as well. Asked for years ago.