When creating an invoice I theoretically am able to choose the order of pending ticket charges. In reality, not so

When adding pending charges to an invoice I can theoretically choose between six ways to order the charges:

Add all (I have no idea what order charges are placed if this is selected)
Order By Ticket Creation Date
Order By Ticket Resolution Date
Order By Ticket Number
Order By Ticket Timer End Date
Order By Ticket Timer Start Date

One would think that if you select “Order By Ticket Number” the tickets would be entered in sequential order – lowest ticket numbers first. All charges related to the tickets would be grouped together in chronological order. In reality, when I choose “Order By Ticket Number” I get no such thing.

I’ve also tried “Order By Ticket Timer End Date” expecting all pending charges to be entered in chronological order based on the end date/time of each pending charge. Again, the result bears no resemblance to that order.

Please explain to me what these choices actually mean or fix them so they do what they imply.

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Are you using Chrome? Unfortunately it’s the only supported browser. I use Firefox and there’s occasionally things they don’t work like dragging assets in the policy list.

I use Edge. Chromium-based so just as good a Chrome? :blush:

I suppose I could login to SyncroMSP with Chrome and try “Order By Ticket Number” to see if that works.

…time passes…


The charges start with the lowest ticket number and in date order until after about 5th one when it goes back a day, then charges from two different ticket number are next, then back to the original ticket number with 8 more charges that are in chronological order. Close, but no banana.

They are almost in date/time order. Two charges from 12/12 slip in before 12/11. Other than that the 14 items are in date/time order.

I deleted invoice and recreated using “Order By Ticket Timer End Date” and the pending charges are in exactly the same order as when I chose “Order By Ticket Number”.

I deleted again and recreated using “Add all” and once again got exactly the same order.

So what are all those choices for? And what choice are the pending charges in? “Almost chronological”?

Sounds like a bug then, I’d file a ticket with support. They’ve been updating some behind the scenes stuff with the UI, maybe something got disconnected.

You may have more pull than me. I created a case on 12/14 (00177942) and haven’t heard anything from them.

What’s your ticket number?

Do you mean the Support Ticket I opened? It’s case number is 00177942.

If not that, I don’t know what “ticket” you are referring to.

I did, but sorry it was in your post and I totally missed it. It was one of those days. I raised it internally.

Don’s experience exactly mirrors my own. When we bring the charges into the ticket we have to spend time manually ordering them for it to make sense. Just had to do that today. It’s very frustrating when you have a lot of them.

It’s end of month and I’m creating invoices and nothing has changed.

I chose “Order By Ticket Timer End Date” and the tickets were not in order by date.

I deleted that invoice, recreated it, and chose “Order By Ticket Number” and the tickets were not in order by ticket number – nor were they in chronological update within ticket number.

So, how do I get ticket appear in the order that I want? Either of the above would be acceptable.

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