What happened to the Cyberdrain scripts for January?

I see the Cyberdrain script announcements are being done in the Community Events category, but only staff can post there. The last announcement there is about the December Cyberdrain scripts.

Does anyone know where the notice for the 2 Cyberdrain scripts that won in January is? I don’t know if the scripts themselves would be done yet, but I like to see what has been selected to know what’s coming down the line.

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I just logged in to ask the same question :slight_smile:

Thanks @isaacg

I did search before posting, and for some reason that topic does not show up in the main results when searching for “cyberdrain” -

It does if you do ‘cyberdrain january’ or just click “More”. I’m used to digging a little, Facebook’s search is awful :smiley:

Click “more” at the bottom and it will come up.

You can also hit your ‘Enter’ key a second time instead of clicking on ‘more’.

I was just thinking about this yesterday! Did they announce this? Was there a discussion on it or did they just release some new staff directed scripts?

Thanks @isaacg . I’m used to search results being returned on a newest-result-first basis, so when I saw December but not January listed in the short list results, I didn’t proceed further. D’oh!