What does this mean? "$AssetName (Not Linked)"


I saw we had a number of alerts but soon realised a number of them were hidden until I clicked on “Show Unmapped alerts”. These alerts were all suffixed with (Not Linked).

Can you please advise what this means and how we can resolve this so they are no longer unmapped?

Many thanks


My guess would be assets that no longer exist (maybe deleted or merged) or for some reason failed to associate with an asset. I don’t have any unmapped alerts when I click that button. I’d just clear them. Generally any condition that is still present will retrigger an alert shortly. For the one specifically in your screenshot you could go to GravityZone and check the logs there for the time stamp. Or Syncro’s Asset Activity Audit report has a bitdefender category also.

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Thanks Issac. I searched for this asset and quickly found it, was then able to run a regular AV scan so it certainly exists still. Searched all over the page and couldn’t get any clues why this one in particular was “not linked”…curious.

We used to see this a lot with bitdefender, but I don’t think I’ve seen it in over a year.

If probably clear then once and if you get more unmapped alerts on those assets try pulling the asset off your BD policy, for 15 min before re-adding. Often that is take it to support.

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