Website integration


how do we get the website support form to require First Name Last Name Email etc. the clients are just skipping that and filling out the description so we have no clue who sends it in that company.


Depending on where you got the form from, I would recommend you check out these:

The form is part of Syncro’s website integration setup (admin - integrations - website integrations). Just need to know how to make the name and email be a required field, if it’s possible.

Widgets would be really cool to use if we could set one per customer but if you make a widget, it just applies to everyone. For Example, Company A - new user setup form and the drives they need, laptop or desktop, full name and all that. All those custom items get pushed to every client so it’s fairly useless.

Would be awesome to be able to have Custom Forms for EACH client.

I assume you are using the Website Integration Settings or have used some code or a URL that is a leads module for you.

By using the forms as is on the Website Integration Settings page, you are limiting what you can do quite a bit.

I would highly recommend checking out the Leads API or Zapier Integration for creating leads, then using something like FormiddableForms on WordPress or even a Google Form to collect the details for Syncro.

Failing that remarkable journey, I would recommend Custom Widget Flows ( KB ) and set up a custom widget flow, once you do so you will have a ‘LIVE URL’ where you can then embed or link to for data collection. If it’s not broken, the attached image should show what your Widget Flows could look like.