Webroot default settings

I am interested to find out how you have customised Webroot endpoint antivirus settings for Desktops and servers.

I created a customised template for desktop PCs and have changed;
Basic config, poll intervall to 15 minutes
scan settings, detect possible unwanted applications… to on
these minimal changes have worked well for us.

For servers its the same except we add the ability to turn sields on and off manually once you enter a capture code. On Remote desktop servers we have found (in the past) the identity shield conflicts with some LOB applications so have had to disable that shield.

Does no one use Webroot?
Perhaps no one bothers to configure the default settings because they are happy with them.

Sorry, Webroot is one of my least favorite AV solutions so I do not use it. Perhaps many others also do not use it.

What is it about Webroot you do not like.
I am using the corporate version, Webroot endpoint antivirus.
What antivirus are you using ?

I’ll admit I’ve not used the corporate version much. I just have seen too many times where it seems to miss certain things, but I’m sure that happens for most and stories could be told for just about any of them.

Currently I use Bitdefender AEP with EDR along with Huntress, but I’m actually considering moving to Windows Defender Managed Endpoint and still backed by Huntress. So far Defender has been scoring top marks in all categories.

There are way too many settings to discuss in detail. We enable and turn up many of them. The defaults are too weak. Once you turn up the settings, it works quite well.