We need a REAL dispatch/scheduling/task-project management Board or Boards

I certainly cannot be the only MSP that also operates as a break-fix and project management company where the ability to schedule tickets/jobs/installations/project tasks is an absolute must. The calendar in Syncro, while functional, does not make it easy to use for scheduling in a meaningful way, causing you to constantly jump in and out of multiple screens.

A dispatch board should have an area where unassigned tickets or projects sit in a queue on the right, left or bottom of the dispatch board and allow you to quickly and easily drag and drop queued items onto a tech’s schedule. Right now, you have to click on the calendar spot, select a ticket (good luck with finding the right one if you have a bunch waiting to be assigned), add additional information, use a slider to select the time window, etc. It is a lot of steps but further, it is difficult to see the details of a ticket with a quick glance when added to the existing calendar.

I realize if you are purely a MSP that only works tickets accordingly to their priority/SLA and doesn’t do any onsite installations or implementations, then the existing calendar may work for you. However, if you are a hybrid type provider that needs to manage everything you do from remote support to onsite service to installations to project management, etc in Syncro, it is impossible to use the calendar in any meaningful way to manage all of these needs. Am I alone here? Below is an example of what a dispatch board should look like. Really hoping we will see this added to Syncro. It truly is needed.


We do not use the Syncro calendar due to this. not to mention you cannot add more than one tech to the same ticket.

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I concur. My new operations manager and I were having a conversation regarding this this morning, which led me to researching this capability within Syncro. We used to have it in Connectwise.

This is definitely something that needs to be a priority. We are scaling and see that dispatching controlling the calls flowing into the helpdesk and scheduling the project work is vital. Visibility is key.
This needs to be addressed.


I agree. Revamp the calendar/booking/appointment/assignment completely. Would pair nicely with a new Syncro2Go™ app :wink:

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I’d be over the moon with a native Trello integration too. I mean come on.

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+1 for this, it would mean one less thing to have a separate tool for. Or, better yet, integrate with Project or Planner, so we can have it in Teams…

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We don’t touch the Syncro calendar, it’s useless.

x100 for integration with Project or Trello (but not Planner, it’s garbage, can’t set task dependencies), this is another case of a feature requirement, not feature request. There are quite of these requirements mounting up in Syncro now.

+1 as a requirement. Trello integration would be absolutely legendary.

I am going to say, there are other smaller QOL I would like to see before this as a major feature. Sure it would be nice to have this - but there are other ways to managed this as well with other products out there right now if you need to go that far.

If anything - they should work on integration with other products as other products are going to be better design for different use cases by a more dedicated team. Even the Connectwise version wasnt really that good and was over complex trying to fit everyone’s needs in. As you can see, others are also saying different products have weakness in their approaches so I am not sure how Syncro is going to create a better product here at a scale that is going to work for everyone.

With that said, my +1 is more for integration with other products than first party. Sure, they should still keep up the first party method up, for example by adding the ability to select more than one tech for a ticket/job, but keeping it as bare bones and basic as possible while integrating in a more direct way with other products with some type of link portal instead. This way you get your single point of glass, but the over all value increases by using a different service that focuses on that instead.

The same could be said of AV and Backup as well. Again, sure they need a window into those products (script, links, frameview, etc), but they would be WAY better off allowing 3rd party companies to handle those features than trying to handle it as a first party company.

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If you are scaling, why would you leave Connectwise for Syncro? That’s like the opposite of what you do.