We have canned response - why not canned tickets?

We have canned response - why not canned tickets? This one isnt as high of propriety just something I thought about. Would make doing some part of my job easier in terms of having to click less when making tickets. Sometimes the tickets I make could be the same type of ticket over and over again for different customers such as having to make a ticket reporting that I did a server restart + perform missing Windows Updates. Granted, I know the system takes care of most of this - but the times I do it manually for any reason.


I’d love to see this.
Especially if the canned ticket feature allowed the ability to prespecify which worksheets are loaded in (and importantly the order they are loaded in) to the tickets.

Recurring tickets maybe?

No. Very close though. Honestly the code is pretty much there, this would just allow it to be a bit more flexible as manager that could work against all clients without being a recurring ticket.

It would just be a drop down to the current “Create New Ticket” button and from there select the ticket you want to use. It should work both from the client page and asset page.

Recurring tickets will not meet my requirement for canned tickets.

I’d like a canned new PC ticket, that automatically includes both the worksheet for provisioning a new PC and the worksheet for creating a new Windows User.
Though for some customers, there is a third worksheet that covers specific requirements for new employees of those customers, such as setting up the VPN user on the router, setting up the VOIP user account, the MS Teams user account, linking the VOIP direct routing into Teams, setting calendar permissions etc.
None of the above can be recurring, because it isn’t possible to predict across n number of customers the frequency of new employees we need to setup.

A further problem in the Syncro WebUI is that the order of worksheets in a ticket is based on the order in which they are added. The first worksheet added gets pushed down the WebUI as more worksheets are added.
So we have to remember when creating a New PC ticket to pick the New User worksheet first, then pick the New PC worksheet second. Otherwise the workflow of the worksheets is illogical. Fixing it after the worksheets are added requires that all worksheets are removed, wiping out the progress on each worksheet.