Warning for companies with "No Emails" enabled on tickets

There’s no way to know if a user will receive an email without going into the individual companies’ settings, this has caused an issue where we’ve replying to a ticket not knowing the end user hasn’t received our response

It would be good to get a warning somewhere on a ticket if a response won’t be sent by email

Can you elaborate please? You can independently select where or not a contact would receive billing, marketing, and reporting emails on a per-contact basis, but the sender of the ticket should always be getting email responses back. There should never be a situation where one customer is capable of receiving an emailed ticket response where another is not.

I have seen reports of the “No Email - Of Any Kind” being enabled and they are trying to send them responses on the tickets and they are not going out and there’s nothing in the system that tells them this is enabled when they are responding.

Well that has to be explicitly set, and there are reasons for doing that, particularly when you want to force end users into the Customer Portal for ticket management being one example.

I am not sure if that is what is happening with the OP here or not.

Right, but I’ve seen it bite people a few times now, so there has to be a better way. It doesn’t sit well being able to disable email on the customer, yet provide a ticket communication update that says “Email”, yet no email will go out and no warning it didn’t do so. As you get larger, have more people that have access to make a change like this and a tech may not know, it just provides opportunity for entropy. Just like when no contact exist for a ticket and you can’t choose Email as an update, it should follow the same behavior if it’s disabled at the client level.

I want to be sure this is the OP’s issue before commenting.

We’ve seen this same issue Jimmie is mentioning.

What I would recommend doing here is simply ensuring the checkmarks aren’t enabled for the marketing emails, reporting emails, and billing emails. Then basically all that is left is tickets.

There really needs to be a special use case in place to set a customer to never receive any email (including ticket responses).

Hi sorry it’s taken a while for the reply.

It’s more that we might not be aware of this being checked when a user contacts for help.

All anyone wants here, if enabled - have a notice around the communications section to inform an engineer that emails won’t be received. Something like below

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