Vulnerable Systems Report not generating

The Vulnerable Systems Report is not generating even after waiting for more than 10 minutes. Is there something wrong on my account specifically or is it a system wide issue?

I just tested it myself seems to be working for me.

Fine here also. … … …

Migh help … .- …- . / -.-- — …- / - .-. … . -… / … -. -.-. — --. -. … - — …–…

I hopped into your system and was able to load the report without delay. Are you still having trouble with it?

For some reason I still am not able to generate it.

If you load up Syncro on a mobile device with a mobile network (not your company network) do you have the same result? If you do, go ahead and send a video to

If you don’t, that’ll be a good indicator that there’s potentially some sort of local network issue going on.

I just had some more time to troubleshoot and I figured it out.

I needed to whitelist from HTTPS inspection, as the MITM policy wasn’t allowed to be processed through my proxy. As soon as I bypassed this, it ran the report. Was this a new back end change? I never heard of before.


It has been around for some time, a number of years. Glad to hear adding the exception was successful!

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