Visual Indicator in Ticket list for the RMM being installed

Would it be possible to add a visual indicator in the ticket list when a customer has the RMM installed on a PC? For example, a small icon that when highlighted by the mouse will list the PCs with the RMM installed.

We are in the process of changing over our RMM to the integrated RMM in Syncro and this would be a great way to let us know when it needs to be installed on a PC.

Normally if they submit a ticket through the tray icon the assest is already linked on the ticket.



I understand that, however, as I mentioned, we are changing from a different RMM. When I look at the ticket list, that we typically create from a phone call, there is no indication that the Syncro RMM is installed on any PCs. It would be very useful to know if there are any PCs linked to their account when looking at a ticket that is created. Such as an icon present in the ticket line that when moused over, will display the PC names where the RMM is installed.

This is strictly being used as a break fix environment at the time, not a managed business. In other words, residential customers.

You should be able to more or less do this now. When you are creating a ticket for a user on the phone, at the very bottom of that form you’ll see a field for “Add Asset.” Just select the relevant machine. If none exist, no agents are installed there.

Check that and let me know if that will work for this instance.