View/change policy of a device

ok i must be missing something, but there has to be an easier way to change the policy on a device.
currently, I go to the customer and go to the “assets and policies” tab and I have to search through 10 different policies to find the device I want to be able to move it.
if I search for the device all I get is a link to “View Effective Policy” but it doesn’t let you see the name of the policy, how the h do you tell what policy is being applied without going to the assets and policies and looking for the particular device.?

When you have the asset page open, you can click the “Edit” button near the upper-right, then, the “pencil” icon by the Asset Owner field. Leave the Customer Name alone and click into the tree to pick the new policy folder to move the asset into. Then [Update].

Policies are no longer assigned directly to assets in a one-to-one fashion, so there is no policy to view per se. That’s why you can view the “Effective Policy,” which represents what is actually being applied to the machine through any number of policies in the inheritance tree.

I will add that we are adding a button to asset records that will take you right to the asset in the Assets & Policies tab of customer records so it’s quicker to get to.


Looking forward to the “one button to rule them all.”