VAT toggle switch for charges

We use Syncro for business and residential clients. How VAT is worked out now is simple for us.

Moving to the new system of putting exVAT pricing in will cause us complications. For example something we charge £140 inc vat for will now have to be put in as £116.67 ex vat. This is inevitably going to cause problems for my technicians when giving residential clients pricing.

I propose a toggle switch, or even having 2 boxes to be able to put in the price as either exVAT or incVAT.

Thanks for reaching out, @thetechbooth. Most partners have also expressed interest in improving the VAT in the newest implementation as preferred. That said, we aren’t planning on building this feature for toggling, at least not soon.

We have limited development resources, but we plan to revisit backlogged feature requests as soon as we’ve worked through our current plan. With that in mind, please let us know if there’s anything else you’re interested in or any other information you want to provide to lend additional context.

Dale Dawson
Director of Product for Syncro