Variables in invoices

Would love to have variables in invoices (recurring). When they get generated they can generate the month or date or something else that is needed. Some invoices we are invoicing for subscriptions that go from one date to another, it would be awesome if the date variable could be automatically updated. something like [12.24.2021 - 12.23.2022] … the year variable would increment based on the original date and subsequent invoices.


Like this? {{billing_period_range}}

Yes exactly. More variables would also be welcome, like independent month, day, year.

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OK, just making sure you were using that variable; it is the one I use on all invoices. Just drop it in the description field on a recurring invoice and done. Looks like this below when the invoice runs.

where do I set the {{billing_period_range}} period? sometimes I want the period to be 12 month or longer?

Or does it use the recurring invoice period? I usually set the recurring to be at the start of the month but the actual period maybe later in the month, I guess there is no work to adjust that?

I would also need this variable, for example when biling RMM for the current month, it should say the month ou first day to last day of current month

any answer from Syncro about billing variables?

I found it neater to have this in one place rather than in every single line item and previously the “{{billing_period_range}}” variable was working in the ‘Invoice Message’ field which achieved that.

For at least the last few months this no longer seems to be working.

I’m not sure if anyone else had it there and has found like me that it’s not working anymore.

+1 for variables in invoices