Users remote access to computer groups

I need the ability to give multiple contact/portal user the access to the same computer and some contacts/portal users to access a group of computers within the company, but not entire company of computers. i.e. Servers/CEO’s desktop

For some customers, I have multiple users using 1 machine. Then I have some companies that have departments and the department head wants access to all computers in the department but can’t give them company wide access to servers and CEO’s computer.

I supposed you could go manually to each device and only apply updates you wanted to get installed. I used to use logmein central and what was nice is it showed you a list of all patches across all devices and next to each KB it showed you how many machines needed it. If there was something like that in syncro to show all patches for all machines then rather than running updates through policies you could manually select which KB’s you wanted run across all machines and it would give very granular control.