Usability Improvements for Ticket Automations

The Ticket Automations feature allows you to filter tickets upon which you can run a set of automated actions. I have encountered limitations in the ability to filter tickets and in what actions can be automated. Here are improvements I’d like to see.

The ability to filter tickets by:

  • The customer the ticket is attached to
  • Asset(s) which are attached to the ticket
  • Content in the body of the previous x number of comment(s)
  • If the automation has run on the ticket previously / number of runs
  • Labor log statistics - total time, number of entries, charged/uncharged, etc.

The ability to perform these actions:

  • Change the “Ticket Issue Type” field
  • Assign to one out of a group of people (round-robin/random/weighted/conditional)
  • Attach an asset to a ticket
  • Add emails to the Additional CC’s or Subscribers field
  • Add a worksheet to the ticket
  • Request approval from person to take an action
  • Change labor log - add entry, clear charge/charge time

It would be nice to see a log of the recent history for each automation running on tickets (like in scripts).